Have you heard?! Greenlight now offers a Loyalty Points Rewards Program & New Patient Referral Program! What is this, you ask?

Loyalty Points!
  • $1 spent = 1 point
  • 100 points = $2 Greenlight Credit
Although points cannot be redeemed on the same day, they may be accrued over time and used on anything in our store!
Referral Points!
Recommend a new patient and if they come into the dispensary and mention your referral, you will BOTH earn points off their first purchase! Same points structure applies.

  • Credit is only redeemable at Greenlight Dispensary.
  • Greenlight will not issue credits as cash.
  • Points cannot be gifted to another patient. Customers can only use their own accrued points.
  • Must be signed up as a Greenlight Member in order to become eligible. This means you must visit Greenlight Dispensary at least 1 (one) time and you must have a complete profile in our reporting system, i.e. phone number, address, e-mail, and all medical card information, etc, on file.
  • Members cannot make a purchase and then make a second purchase the same day just to redeem points you just earned.
  • Must be redeemed anytime on a following visit at least 24 hours later.
  • Program begins September 20, 2019. Purchase made prior to this date do not qualify for loyalty or referral points.
  • No limit on Referrals. CONDITIONS: Points are only given to the individual who referred the new patient from that referrals first purchase (not on their future purchases).
  • Referral points accrual applies to our delivery patients as well!




To see if you qualify for any of these programs please review Greenlight's Compassion Care Program Terms & Conditions document (here). Qualifying individuals must download and complete this document, then return it in person to the dispensary with supporting documents/proof of qualification.

This document can also be provided by and filled out at the dispensary or through our delivery program, upon request.

Compassion Care Terms Document for Signing

  • Compassion Care Program: 5% off (case by case basis)
  • Senior Compassion Care (ages 65+): 10% off
  • Veteran Compassion Care: 15% off
    Must provide proof via Military ID Card, DD-214, or State Drivers License with Veteran classification. This information will be kept in our records for future visits.
Compassion Care Program terms may be applied to all items except Affordable Tier flower.

During special events , Greenlight will specify if the above listed programs may be stacked or not.

For questions, feel free to contact us at the dispensary via phone or email.

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