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Welcome to Greenlight Marijuana Dispensary in St. Louis! Our Chippewa dispensary is conveniently located at 6497 Chippewa St., adjacent to the Watson Road intersection near Lindenwood Park. Everyone is welcome here, whether you’re just visiting or a long-time STL local. We’re honored to serve our community's needs with top-tier medical and recreational cannabis at affordable prices. When you visit any of our Greenlight St. Louis dispensary locations, you will find our passionate associates ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

At Greenlight, our foremost focus is on providing exceptional customer service, and our welcoming budtenders exemplify this dedication. They are deeply passionate about cannabis and are well-equipped to offer you comprehensive information about various weed products available at our St. Louis dispensary. Whether you're interested in THC cartridges, marijuana flower, tempting edibles, or something else, our STL dispensary will have what you’re looking for on our extensive menu of high-quality cannabis.

Come and experience Greenlight's St. Louis dispensary on Chippewa, where outstanding customer service meets a remarkable selection of cannabis products. We can't wait to meet you!

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Experience Cutting Edge Cannabis at Our Chippewa Dispensary in St. Louis

At Greenlight, we credit our achievements and pioneering beliefs to our diverse involvement within the cannabis industry. Our experienced budtenders, who stand as a cornerstone of our success, play a pivotal role in this accomplishment. We derive great satisfaction from sharing our knowledge with you, aiming to give you an extraordinary cannabis shopping experience. Everyone on our STL dispensary staff proudly supports our cannabis community. We prioritize giving every valued customer our full and undivided attention throughout their weed journey.

Discover Your Favorites on Our St. Louis Dispensary Menu

At our Chippewa dispensary in St. Louis, we are delighted to provide an extensive array of cannabis products to suit every taste and requirement. Whether you prefer timeless favorites or cutting-edge innovations, our selection of weed products is carefully curated to offer you a diverse range– guaranteeing a tailored and personalized experience.

An exceptional feature of our STL dispensary is our expansive assortment of premium cannabis flower. Select from a wide range of carefully nurtured strains, encompassing well-loved choices like Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends. Every strain boasts a distinct blend of terpenes, offering a diverse spectrum of scents, tastes, and effects. This enables you to discover the ideal match for your desired cannabis experience.

Beyond our flower selection, we proudly present a stunning array of cannabis concentrates. Our variety of cannabis extracts pack a robust punch and are particularly cherished by seasoned enthusiasts. Discover an assortment of concentrate types such shatter, budder, live resin, and others– each renowned for their elevated THC content and unique attributes. Whether you seek a potent and euphoric experience or a balanced and tranquil effect, our assortment of concentrates offers something to accommodate every preference.

Moreover, our dispensary in St. Louis showcases an array of weed edibles, ideal for individuals who prefer not to smoke or vape. Ranging from delightful chocolates and gummies to infused beverages and baked treats, our edibles provide a discreet and flavorful avenue for cannabis enjoyment. With a variety of flavors and dosages on hand, you can effortlessly discover an edible that harmonizes with your taste preferences and the type of experience you desire.

At Greenlight’s STL dispensary, we also provide an assortment of marijuana accessories to elevate your cannabis experience. This includes smoking essentials like pipes and rolling papers for traditional aficionados, as well as vaporizers and cartridges for those who appreciate the convenience of vaping. Furthermore, we offer CBD products recognized for their potential therapeutic advantages without the psychoactive properties of THC. Our CBD range includes oils, capsules, topicals, and skincare products, catering to a diverse array of wellness requirements.

Visit our St. Louis dispensary on Chippewa today to discover our wide range of cannabis products. For added convenience, we provide online ordering with a quick in-store pickup option for those in a rush. Our experienced team is readily available to help you discover the ideal products that match your preferences, guaranteeing an outstanding and customized cannabis journey.

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Embracing Local Flavor: Experience St. Louis with Greenlight

Small cities like ours thrive thanks to people like you who champion locally-owned establishments! Our St. Louis dispensary on Chippewa is centrally located, nestled between the St. Louis Hills and Lindenwood Park neighborhoods. We are surrounded by a wealth of educational sites and local businesses just waiting to be explored! Once you've selected your favorite marijuana products from Greenlight, we encourage you to venture out and discover the impressive array of local businesses and points of interest that grace our St. Louis neighborhood.

You'll be pleased to find our STL dispensary conveniently positioned near numerous captivating landmarks and attractions. Immerse yourself in our complicated past at the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, the former home of the victorious Civil War general– just 10 minutes away from Greenlight. Next door to this historical place, you’ll find Grant’s Farm, a modern-day sanctuary for over 100 species of animals, and a favorite gathering spot for seasonal celebrations.

As you embark on your STL exploration, satisfy your culinary cravings at some delightful locally-owned restaurants near our St. Louis dispensary. We highly recommend indulging in the classic sweet treats at our neighbors Donut Drive In and Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, savoring the authentic Italian flavors of Trattoria Marcella, and enjoying the rich Mexican dishes of La Catrina.

Join us in supporting the local community and allow the charm of our STL dispensary on Chippewa to guide you on an enjoyable journey through the highlights of beautiful St. Louis!

Read Reviews for Our Chippewa Dispensary in St. Louis

    “Everyone here is super friendly and helpful! I have a medical card and I was nervous I’d have issues because of my age, but going in I had no problems! I highly recommend going through them for getting a medical card as well!” -Leah Knobbe

    “Friendly staff, very personable and knowledgeable about the products they offer. Always have a smile when they greet you and throughout your whole purchase process” -Russell Gibson

    “Wow. Unreal how genuinely kind and helpful this place is. You will love it. I’ve been a customer since getting my med card knowing absolutely nothing, and each visit has been treated as a top priority by staff. I’ve never felt afraid to ask a stupid question or ask for ten repetitions. Also, today when my cart broke, I stopped by to ask for advice. I left with a brand new one and a far better battery at no charge. Honestly, I am so grateful. My perspective on the industry has shifted greatly because of the work done and passion being pursued here. Well done." -Tali Larson

    “I’ve been getting back into smoking lately and really needed help finding the right strain for me because my experiences in the past were always hit or miss. The folks at Greenlight were super supportive and informative in helping me find something :)” -Alex Duncan

    “Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I truly enjoy the experiences I've had there. Would highly recommend going if you're looking for great prices and friendly staff.” -Maddie Maness

    "Incredible experience. The employees were an absolute delight and had a robust knowledge of the industry. Also, their website is super easy to use, and you can always add on if you’re interested in additional products. 10/10, will be back!" - Charles Tinsley

    "Best dispensary in STL! Super helpful staff and options for days!!! 10/10 HIGHly recommend 😊" - Destiny Adams

    "Absolutely wonderful store 💚 The staff is incredibly kind, informative & helpful !! Every time I am in the store I'm never disappointed! 10/10 would south city recommend." - Justine Greene

    I was having trouble with the state application procedure so I went down to the Chippewa and Watson location and talked to Randall. He had me ready to go in just minutes. He was awesome and knew exactly how to help. I will be doing all my shopping there in the future.” - Vincent Vigo

    This is the most comfortable and inviting shop I’ve visited without a doubt! The only thing better than the quality of the products I’ve had from here has been the expertise and hospitality of the staff - You guys are the best!” - Sean Keaveny

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