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Thanks for visiting Greenlight in West Virginia! Our Lewisburg dispensary can be found at 1747 Jefferson St N in the heart of town. We keep our Lewisburg dispensary well-stocked with the most popular cannabis products. Top-grade flower, concentrates, and high-quality edibles just to name a few. Come in sometime and chat with one of our expert budtenders!

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Lewisburg, West Virginia
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Our Marijuana Dispensary Has A Patient-First Mindset

West Virginia has become our home, and we aim to give back to the community that welcomed us with open arms. Everything we do is with our medical cannabis patients in mind. Our budtenders are the most diehard cannabis supporters you'll ever meet and their enthusiastic attitude in assisting others will make you love them even more. We maintain things lighthearted and straightforward to make sure you feel welcome when you come through our marijuana dispensary doors. At Greenlight, we have you covered whether you're seeking advice on how to get an MMJ card or just want to try something new.

Greenlight has taken a patient-first approach to the cannabis industry in all aspects. That attitude is now a reality because of our efforts to form connections with organizations that care about people and integrate consumer integrity into everything we do at our marijuana dispensary. We also use similar criteria for our team, just as we do for our strains: We pick them carefully to ensure that you're only dealing with the best and brightest when you visit a Greenlight marijuana dispensary. Our objective is to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to the cannabis user by educating our patients at a higher level. It is our view that with more information, individuals will make better judgments and obtain better outcomes.

At our Lewisburg dispensary, we've established a distinct company culture by putting our medical cannabis patients first. When you visit one of our Greenlight dispensaries, you may trust that you will get the information you want as well as the care you need!

Our Lewisburg Dispensary Reviews

This store has to be one of the best businesses in the town of Lewisburg, you feel welcomed, they are very polite, they know what they are talking about when it comes to just about every subject relating to cannabis.” - Shane Boggs

Very kind staff! They do a good job at making you feel welcome. Also very informed on how each strain affects you.” -David

Always there to help with anything I need. Very courteous and friendly staff. Great menu I always look forward to my visit.” -Dexter

Great products and a friendly, knowledgeable crew!” -Olivia

Very helpful staff, all very knowledgeable. Product was great to and i experienced mostly what the staff said I would, great place all around!!!” -Remegaide

Store in Lewisburg was awesome! Very professional atmosphere and my flower tender was very knowledgeable and helpful! All staff was so friendly!” -Jessica

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Visit Greenlight Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Lewisburg today!

It's our passion to bring the joys of cannabis to our Lewisburg dispensary customers. We live to help others and that's exactly what Greenlight does for our patients. Do you have any legal concerns? Are you a new resident of the state and unaware that medical marijuana is permitted in West Virginia? Greenlight is your source for all things cannabis! Whether you need help obtaining an MMJ card or want to learn more about strains and terpenes, our pleasant marijuana dispensary budtenders like interacting with clients and providing assistance.

As a Lewisburg dispensary, we are dedicated to the community in which we live and operate and what we want more than anything else is for its companies and residents to thrive. When feasible, we advise our patients to explore neighboring cities, attractions, and stores rather than taking the shortest route! Get to know your local cannabis dispensary and community in Lewisburg, Fairlea, Whitcomb, Maxwelton, Morlunda, and the other surrounding areas we serve!